Awesome Gaming Video: Dead By Daylight - Epic Saves & Epic Plays

Dead By Daylight is a really good, but also really specific game. It’s tough and challenging, but also demands a whole lot of teamwork. This is why majik30 and his friends seem to be an excellent choice for this title. In the video below, they play the same game and majik30, being that he’s also a content creator, does a great job at showcasing some tense and thrilling moments. These include some incredible saves and other epic moments in this ultimate horror title of cat and mouse. Check out the entire video below:
However, this content creator is also about much more than just Dead by Daylight. On his YouTube channel, you can see a range of titles including the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake, Conan Exiles, Detroit: Become Human, but also some Fortnite, Overcooked 2, GTA V, Rainbow Six Siege and so much more. Clearly, when it comes to gaming interests, majik30 is open to everything.

However, another thing caught my eye even more than the choice of his games. In his about section, majik30 introduces himself in a very humble (and thus refreshing) manner - he’s just an average gamer who enjoys playing games with friends. But, besides this, he also gives a shout-out to his best friend Dom, who also has a YouTube presence. For me, this is an amazing sight because it showcases something that is way more precious than views, followers and subs. It showcases true friendship.

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