Awesome Gaming Video: Biomes O' Plenty (1.12) | Minecraft 4K Cinematic Mod Spotlight

CrainBramp is a content creator whose gaming background reaches way back and includes some turbulent moments. As a Gen X gamer with a lifelong passion for video games, CrainBramp was streaming regularly on his Twitch channel, until the moment when he got very sick a few years ago. The same health issue became so serious that his life was in jeopardy, but he pulled through. Now, he’s back and determined to stay!

His YouTube video from the start of April showcases the same intend and determination - it is a beautiful showcase of the Biomes O’ Plenty expansive biome mod for Minecraft. In the video, which is in full 4K resolution, CrainBramp presents the range of new biomes for both the Nether and Overworld, including their plants, building blocks and much more, all in almost half an hour of footage that any Minecraft fan will appreciate. Watch the same amazing video right here:
While the video is a great introduction to what this content creator does, it is also nowhere near enough. CrainBramp is mainly into crafting and survival games, where he appreciates modding more than anything else. The games he enjoyed, besides Minecraft, include 7 Days to Die, Rimworld, Factorio, and others.

Of course, being this involved in niche gaming usually includes a strong community and this is no exception. CrainBramp is also the wonder of the CrainCraft Game Server Network - this is a gathering of survivalist gamers who have their dedicated Discord server. For anyone who’s into these games, this server address has to be checked out ASAP.

After many decades of gaming, CrainCraft is, as he says himself, here to stay. If you want to support this journey of his and you enjoy survival games, follow him on Twitch, Twitter and of course, subscribe to his YouTube channel right now!