Android Gaming News Flash: Angry Birds Legends enters Limited Beta

The huge mobile game developer Rovio has launched its turn-based RPG in the Angry Birds universe across selected territories. Presently, those are the UK, Finland, and Sweden with no information when or even if these will be expanded anytime soon. The title offers PvP battles that include the now very common selection of heroes between the rounds. As the promo image shows, the heroes will be the well-known characters from the Angry Birds franchise, here with the amazing addition of - legs!

This time, however, the opposing sides of birds and pigs will need to reconcile their differences and work together against mysterious dark forces. This is why the players will have the option of mixing up their armies. There will also be a feature of upgrading the same heroes.

All of this sounds pretty generic and the art style is not something that would impress even a casual Clash Royale player. Also, the reviews presently aren't particularly promising either, so the future of Angry Birds Legends is not certain by any means.