Review: Mighty Noah Adventure Game

The Bible possesses a range of incredible stories and one of the most famous ones is the tale of Noah. Now, the Doroncreations Inc. decade to take the same story and put the players right in the middle of it. In the Mighty Noah Adventure Game, the role of the players is to help Noah transport all surviving animals and people to safety. In this version, however, the path to that safety is crowded with many dangers - luckily, Noah's vessel is equipped to take them on!

In terms of genre, Mighty Noah is an endless game that puts the players in the famous ark. While the threats to the ship are all around, this ark has a range of abilities at its disposal, along with shooting at any obstacles or sea monsters that might appear.

Besides very high-quality 3D graphics for a mobile title and detailed models of both the ship and its elements, this game also offers a cool selection of gameplay mechanics. In fact, it goes way beyond what ordinary endless runners - even hit games in this genre - have at their disposal. This includes the need to push the boat further as well as the presence of many power-ups that change the gameplay in the player's benefits.

Furthermore, the game also comes with bonus rounds and questions from the Bible (like a Bible quiz) that make the game's setup even more interesting. Thanks to all of this, it is clear that anyone who likes Bible games and especially bible games for kids should not miss out on Mighty Noah Adventure Game.


Fun and challenging game based on one of the most famous Bible stories. Try it out on Google Play and iOS for free!