Interview: Wahid1 Breaking into Mechanist Games’ App Game of Sultans

Many know Wahid1 from her tenure in Game of War where she quickly became one of the most well-known mobile app gamers in the industry. After going on a hiatus from gaming, many have been left wondering where she went. We were able to track her down where she is now playing Game of Sultans. Game of Sultans is an RPG mobile game, similar to Game of War produced by Mechanist Games.

Awesome Android Games: A lot of people wondered why you disappeared from gaming for the years you did. You managed to build a pretty impressive record and following and then went radio silent. What happened?
Wahid1: Hahaha, that is everyone’s favorite question! As all gamers know, the amount of time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to get to that level, is insane. You hit a point where you need a break, so I decided to take some time for myself but I’m glad to be back on the scene. There’s something special about gaming that just pulls you back in no matter how hard you fight it.

AAG: A lot of us can relate to that pressure, even when doing fun things like gaming. But now, you chose Game of Sultans to end your retirement? What led to that?
Wahid1: It actually wasn’t intentional at all. I was playing super casually and then, and we’ve all been there, that addiction just took hold! It’s a very different game… The user base isn’t typical gamers which makes for a very unique playing experience. You have people who have never played a game before becoming incredibly high powered and skilled players. On the flip side, it also lends itself to a whole lot of salty tears, hahaha.

AAG: How does the Game of Sultans user base react to having a professional gamer playing with them?
Wahid1: As funny as it sounds, it doesn’t matter at all to them! I don’t think most even know. Since 80% are new gamers, this is a world they have never stepped into before. It’s been a nice transition back into the gaming world.

AAG: What do you think of the gameplay in Game of Sultans?
Wahid1: Very different! It’s a way more casual game than I’m used to, but it has so many layers and dimensions that it’s hard to ever get bored. You have wars, account building, mini-games, events, rushes, it definitely keeps you busy!

AAG: So far, you have always been an incredibly polarizing figure. There’s a lot of people who love you and then also a lot of haters. What do you think about your image?
Wahid1: I’ve always been of the camp that there is no excuse for mediocrity. If you’re a bad player, it’s because you were too lazy to take the time to learn game mechanics or you don’t care. Either way, I don’t respect those players and have always been vocal about that. Many respect me for that but of course the ones I criticize, do not!

AAG: You’re asked this a lot but how does being a female in a traditionally male dominated field affect your gameplay?
Wahid1: It’s always caused me to have to be better than the best. It has made me the player I am today. It hasn’t all been fun but when walking into a room and people automatically assuming you’re going to suck, it makes you work that much harder. Things have definitely changed in the past few years though. There are many more females in the field kicking butt and being taken seriously. That was probably the hardest thing for me, getting taken seriously. Especially with so many females playing games for the wrong reasons. They give us a terrible name.

AAG: What do you foresee as your next move in the gaming world?
Wahid1: Great question! I wish I had an answer! Games tend to find me, versus me find them. I’m still loving playing Game of Sultans for now. I have an amazing group of friends and teammates who keep it fun and an even better group of enemies who need to be zeroed a few more times, haha. Of course, I also still stay close with my Bx$ gaming team who are always finding new games. So, we’ll see, but whatever comes next, I’m excited for it!

Thanks to Wahid1 on a great talk and don’t forget to check her out on Instagram @wahid1gow!