Gaming News Flash: Ranger Savin American Red Cross Charity Stream

The coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic is an incredibly serious issue that is facing the entire world right now. Humanity can and will overcome it, but to do it, we need to stick together to do it and gaming content creation is no different. That is why initiatives like that of Ranger Savin YouTube channel is so important. This gamer is going to hold a Livestream on March 24, 2020, starting from 8 AM and lasting until 8 PM MST.

During that time, he will play Minecraft but also help collect money for the American Red Cross, one of the most significant organizations in the upcoming period. It's amazing to see gamers taking the time and effort to support the Red Cross, so if you can, help Ranger Savin in this initiative either by donating during the stream or by sharing the video.
Subscribe to his YouTube channel and set a reminder for the Livestream. Once it gets going, visit its donation page and help the people who will be instrumental in saving countless lives in the weeks and months to come!