Gaming Crowdfunding: Soaring Tales of Skylines

If you ever dreamt of owning a property empire, there is a crowdfunding project you need to check out right now! It's called Soaring Tales of Skylines and represents a property management & development simulation. It is being developed by Studio Molo, with a team of developers who are very passionate about real estate simulations. Broadly speaking, the game will be based on Hong Kong and its incredible rise (quite literal in terms of many iconic skyscrapers) to global fame as a hub of architecture and business.

If this desire to make a unique game wasn't enough, there is a list of features that the developers plan to add. These include over 50 unique buildings, covering apartments, commercial offices, and malls, but also vehicles of many different generations. The players will be able to partner up with design studios, promoters, contractors, and other actors in the real estate business. As for the buildings themselves, the team is drawing its inspiration from many different iconic cities, including previously mentioned Hong Kong, but also New York and London, just to name a few more famous ones.

Right now, Soaring Tales of Skylines is building up support through a round of crowdfunding. If you like the sound of this project, check out Studio Molo on Twitter and Facebook, but more importantly, check out the project on Kickstarter!