Android Gaming News Flash: Door Kickers: Action Squad is open for Pre-Registration

KillHouse Games is developing a new title that should be interesting to all of the fans of the 1980s action flicks. It is a sequel of the original release Door Kickers - the first title presented a real-time strategy where the players control a SWAT team. This release, however, will change the genre, so the new title will be a side-scrolling shooter.

Once again, the players will take on the role of a SWAT officer, but there will be a lot more all-out destruction and a lot fewer tactics decisions. Still, there are some meta elements to the game, like choosing the right traits and abilities to give to the character. Furthermore, the number of weapons at the disposal of the player also looks huge.

The pixel art graphics of the game look amazing and there is a strong vibe reminiscent of all the action classics like Tango and Cash. Check out Door Kickers: Action Squad on its Google Play page and pre-register for this title that should be released really soon.