Android Gaming News Flash: Dead by Daylight is going Mobile on April 16th

When it comes to asymmetric multiplayer games, Dead by Daylight is probably one of the most popular titles in the second decade of the 21st century. The simple premise of fighting as a team against a single horror-movie villain got a lot of traction from a lot of players a couple of years ago. Now, with an ever-growing fan base the developers of the title, Behaviour Interactive, decided to move the title to mobile devices as well.

Now, the release date is also known and the game will hit the Android devices on April 16. With less than a month to go before the release, the developers naturally opened up a Google Play page for the game as well as the chance to pre-order the same title. Also, yes, the game is a port of the original concept in its entirety and not any kind of a free-to-play variation. Instead of some kind of a F2P bland reimagining, the players will be able to enjoy the very same setup as the one they have on their PCs.

Furthermore, there is a range of perks and bonuses for all those who pre-register on the page. These include cosmetic items and also Iridescent Shards, one of six (yes, 6) different in-game currencies. Find out more about all of this on the Dead by Daylight official Google Play page!