Game Launcher Creator V2 - Design Your own Amazing Game Launchers!

No matter if you're a dedicated gamer or a game developer, chances are that at some point, you wanted or needed to create a custom game launcher. Now, instead of wasting time and energy on that problem, you can attain a perfect solution in the form of Game Launcher Creator V2. This Windows software application is ideal for making any kind of custom game launcher and it requires practically no programming. Check out a short presentation for the app right here:
As you can see, the app offers a range of useful features. It includes a WYSIWYG Editor, comes with a built-in update and patching system, has an integrated template system and offers royalty-free distribution. It also works with cloud-based content, server-side queries (PHP), has website and on-page integration, offers both fullscreen and window environment and supports all relevant Windows versions, starting with XP and going through to Win 10.

At the same time, the app offers a range of amazing design applications, allowing for professional-looking launchers that did not take their creators days or even hours to make. Instead, a simple process with Game Launcher Creator V2 will lead to a great launcher solution every time.

Thanks to all of this, the app is very popular with communities like the GTA V's FiveM multiplayer modification, but also numerous game developers and programmers who use it to make their launchers. If you want to join them, follow the app on its YouTube channel, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account and Discord server. Finally, check out the official website of Game Launcher Creator V2 and see what it can do for you!