Android Gaming News Flash: A Crash Bandicoot Endless Runner is in Development

Here is some good news for this gaming franchise: Crash Bandicoot series is going to get a mobile title. The developer of the game is apparently King and the game should be called Crash Bandicoot Mobile.

The news broke after two fans located information pointing to the game's existence on Facebook. There was also a survey that was being used to help the developers with some fan feedback. Furthermore, the game has some of its marketing assets with in-game shots. The title is set in the portrait mode and the game appears to be a typical endless runner. In it, the main character can run, slide and jump, which is the standard assortment of moves for any such game

At the same time, there are base-building features that not many Crash Bandicoot fans will want in the game, but as a free-to-play title, these mechanics are almost unavoidable. So, right now, Crash Bandicoot Mobile seems like a run-of-the-mill title for this genre. Hopefully, later development will add something to the mix - beyond nice 3D graphics which are already in the game - that will make it a bit more appealing.