Android Gaming News Flash: Apex Legends is going Mobile!

It's official - the rumors from the past months have been finally confirmed - Apex Legends is getting an official mobile version. The same confirmation comes directly from EA. The company stated that it is working with a partner in China to build this very hotly anticipated version of one of the most popular battle royale titles in the world. 

Currently, it is still unknown who the same partner is, but the smart money is on Tencent. As one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, its development teams have direct experience with taking Call of Duty and PUBG to mobile platforms. At the same time, its resources and potential are practically second to none on a global scale. 

Furthermore, Tencent already worked on EA titles like Need for Speed Online and FIFA Online 4, so the relationship between the companies is also there. Thanks to that, it would be almost impossible to see anyone else in this role than Tencent.

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date

While EA is adamant that the Apex mobile version is in the work - certainly for both iOS and Android devices, there is one big issue remaining: when is Apex Legends Mobile coming out? That is the catch - so far, the company has not given any release date. It is known that the game will launch globally, so there will be no big soft launches in selected territories (at least it doesn't appear that there will be anything like that). 

Also, there is no news on the game's specifications in terms of hardware or software requirements, or what role will Respawn play in the whole deal. Instead, fans of Apex Legends who want to see their favorite game on mobile can only wait for EA to reveal the release date for their hit battle royale game.