Twitch Stream Showcase: Rocketclogues

The best way to get into the Rocketclogues Twitch stream is to check out this content creator in his first-ever stream. Here, you can see an incredibly chill gamer and, as he calls himself - weed connoisseur - doing what he loves. In short, this means enjoying the #420 culture in all of its rich diversity (including some cool reggae music tunes) and gaming. In his case, the second part focuses currently on a single title: FIFA 20.

In everyday life, this gamer has a lot of things going as well. He recently began working full-time but also wanted to start a side project. The Rocketclogues stream is the result of that effort and I really admire the super-focused approach he took in making it. By tackling a single game, he provides an in-depth experience that all FIFA fans will appreciate, along with exciting gameplay. At the same time, he also did play some Rocket League at one point, showing that he might be open to additional games further down the road.

However, it’s the ganja angle that is the biggest selling point of his content. Just like his substance of choice, he is beyond chill and relaxed as he plays and interacts with his followers (which are currently coming close to 500). He tries to stream every day, but I’d also say that he needs to set up his other social media accounts, especially Twitter, and gain some attention in the global gaming four-twenty community.

If you too love some chilled-out gaming, including FIFA 20 and you are partial to a nice puff of Mary Jane, you need to start following Rocketclogues Twitch channel right away!