Hot on Android: The Lonely Hacker is Temporarily Free

The year 2020 is here and with it a pretty cool game for all those who are into cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, the same title is currently temporarily free. This game is called The Lonely Hacker and so far it has managed to obtain a solid following on Google Play. It allows the players to become a hacking master as they traverse the real-world countries and use what are supposed to be realistic tools - both software and hardware - to gain access to different systems.

The game does not offer anything spectacular when it comes to its visuals, but that is expected from this type of title. Still, as a premium app with almost 10,000 reviews and an average score of 4.0, it has a lot going for it. Also, it shows that many users did not mind paying the full premium price of $1.99 to get it.

If you are interested in hacking and these types of simulation games, you have to check out the Lonely Hacker. Get the game while it's still free on its official Google Play page.