Awesome Gaming Video: Son and Dad Duos, 1st Fortnite Victory Royal (Episode 3) Code Manio and Code Dad

Gaming is an activity that is sometimes portrayed as an isolating process that can too often entrap young people in loneliness. However, checking out the Code Manio YouTube channel is the ideal antidote to that concept - on this channel, for over two years, a father and his son Manio are experiencing and enjoying gaming, as well as many more fun things. In this clip, you can see them playing Fortnite in split-screen mode and make what will surely one day become incredible memories for both of them.
The video, just like the rest of the channel, is clearly about an amazing father and son relationship that grows and evolves over time. It uses both cool gadgets and video games, but ultimately, it's about the two of them exploring these things and enjoying themselves. Manio wants to become a YouTube content creator one day, so in the coming period, Code Manio duo is planning to publish one gaming video per week and feature first and foremost Fortnite.

If you love the game as well and appreciate one amazing way for any kid to grow up, check out the Code Manio YouTube channel and subscribe today!