Awesome Gaming Video: LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Meta

If you enjoy video games you probably realize that for many great titles there are layers upon layers of different gaming possibilities. However, sometimes these layers are not well known to the wider audience. This is clearly the case for LEGO Star Wars and its competitive fighting mode. This is the reason why the sugarcanefarmer YouTube channel decided to do something about it. In this clip, the whole concept of this mode and its numerous intricate elements is clearly explained and presented. Check out the video below to see what I mean:
As you can see, sugarcanefarmer is obviously immensely knowledgeable about the game, but also the general meta approach of any fighting title. This is why the video covers everything from maps and weapons to characters and even some problematic elements (it also offers solutions for them immediately). Using this rich and condensed source of information anyone can enjoy LEGO Star Wars as a really cool competitive setup.

Of course, creating complex and informative, yet fun videos does not happen just once. Instead, the entire sugarcanefarmer has a lot to offer to all those gamers who tend to think outside of the box. Other videos on it feature Minecraft gameplay, hours-long streaming sessions of different titles and also some good old destructive clips as well.

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