Awesome Gaming Video: How to FIX ANALOG DRIFT in PS4 Controller! Correct Method 100% Works!

Gaming gear, thanks to the fact that it is handled with so much passion, regularly tends to break down. Sometimes, these issues might be irreversible, but at other moments, with a bit of effort and correct information, almost anyone can fix these. Tekkies Computer & Gadget Repair YouTube channel is just the place where you can get all the info you need, all wrapped up in detailed tutorial videos. Below, check out this in-depth explanation on how to fix the drift in the PS4 controller right or left thumbstick.
At the same time, Tekkies Computer & Gadget Repair is actually a brick and mortar electronics repair shop located in Bartlett, Illinois. As this forum post on their official website shows, they are more than dedicated to their work and have an abundance of experience as both gamers and repair professionals. This is why the videos you can find on their YouTube channel represent exactly what you can expect if you look for game console repair near Bartlett, Il.

However, I'm very much impressed by the desire of the same team to showcase their knowledge for free and teach others how these procedures are done. This is very much in the style of the early DIY gaming community in which I grew up. So, if you too appreciate this approach, follow the same team on the Facebook Fan Page or YouTube channel. Lastly, if you ever need any repairs for a game console in Bartlett, Il, you'll know exactly who to call!