Awesome Gaming Video: Air Marty - 64 endings - What Could Go Wrong?

In recent years, especially since the dawn of Twitch popularity, there is a huge new trend in gaming content creation - focusing on a single title. In 2020, this is clearer than ever with more and more creators doing only one game at a time. While I get the benefits of that in terms of growing an audience, I also appreciate those gamers who can do a range of titles on their channels and still make them interesting. InsideAgameR is just such a person and his YouTube channel shows that going broad in terms of video game choice is still a great option. Check out his video of Air Marty, a weird indie game with 64 endings to see what I mean by all of this:
From the first moment, you see that Air Marty is odd as it gets, but this gamer takes it on in great style. Literally from the first minute (and his comment on the ethnic background of Marty's kid), you see that he has both style and substance, as well as that subtle ability to be funny without being irritating. His approach to content is primarily to make it entertaining and engaging to his audience - if he can do this with a title like Air Marty, he can with anything else.

The rest of his channel shows the same - from Planet Zoo to Total War and Euro Truck Simulator 2, as well as numerous indie games, InsideAgameR can and does play it all! Through all of that, he remains constant in his ability to make the most out of a game and make it interesting to watch, regardless of your gaming background.

If you too love this kind of approach to gaming content creation, check out his official Facebook Fan page and also see if you can find some cool games on thanks to him. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to his InsideAgameR YouTube channel!