Android Gaming News Flash: PvP Mode arrives at Black Desert Mobile

The massive RPG BLack Desert just got a big update and it includes one of the modes players have been asking for the most. Naturally, it is PvP mode and it is called Siege War. With it, guilds in the game can do battle and attain control over Serendia and Balenos, two regions in the game.

In the mode, the players will need to both defend their Holy Artifacts and also attack the ones their opponents hold. The same will demand a level of tactical prowess as well as a lot of cooperation inside of the guilds. There is, however, a range of preconditions for players and their guild if they want to participate.

Of course, the developers also made the rewards well worth the challenge. Those who get control of one of these regions will get a huge amount of taxed silver as well. Thanks to this, there is little doubt that Black Desert Mobile players will rush to Siege War mode and also grind to boost their individual presence and guilds so they can participate.

If you're one of them, now is the time to get the game's update on its official Google Play page.