Android Gaming News Flas: Capcom set to launch Monster Hunter Riders

The famous game development company revealed that it is preparing a successor to the mobile franchise Monster Hunter Series. This title will be called Monster Hunter Riders and it will hit the Android marketplace on February 29. However, there is a catch that many of the series' fans will not appreciate. The game will launch only in Japan on that date. There, the game is already present on Google Play but that's all focused on just that one market.

Global Launch of Monster Hunter Riders

As for the launch of the game in the rest of the world, there is still no valid information one way or the other. Besides this, we know that the game is an RPG that will be played in portrait mode, and the artwork present on the pre-registration page, which is crisp, manga to the core and clearly immersed in the Monster Hunter world.

While Capcom is still yet to reveal any info on the global launch or at least which territories can next expect to get Monster Hunter Riders. But, industry insiders are certain that because of the game’s popularity and the fact that this franchise is well-known in the USA, EU, and other big marketplaces, the company will likely see it come out as fast as possible globally after February 29.