Loop Dash (Casual Arcade) Review

In the domain of game design, especially when it comes to casual titles, simplicity often rules the day. Loop Dash is a perfect example of just how much you can achieve through a really simple and elegant setup. In this game, the players have access to a single command - changing the direction of a ball inside of a circular space. As they do this, they encounter oncoming elements that they should avoid and elements they should pick up. With that, the game offers both an easy-to-understand ruleset and an immediate challenge.

The minimalistic visual and sound design perfectly complement the same setup. In fact, it is hard to put down the game after a first few (likely unsuccessful) tries. Instead, the player is drawn to try again. This alone represents a big success for any independent casual game, and Loop Dash clearly is one of those.


Elegant and simple, challenging and addictive. Try out Loop Dash for free on Google Play!