Hot on Android: Dream League Soccer 2020

One of the most popular football Android games has gotten a new release. The title in question is Dream League Soccer 2020 is and now it has become a stand-alone app. It features a range of improvements and changes. First of all, the game received a huge overhaul of its visual elements. Its development studio applied motion capture technology to provide realistic player behavior and more appealing animations. this makes the title one of the best looking mobile football games in the world right now.   

At the same time, the game’s AI also got some brand new features, so the users should be able to attain a higher level of realistic decisions and moments on the part of the computer-controlled players. Lastly, the game managed to attain plenty of licenses for real players, including names like Bale and Suarez which are now accessible in the game. This alone will be a great chance for many who want to see their real-life sports heroes on the digital pitch.

If you might be a football fan and you enjoyed playing these titles on your Android device, check out Dream League Soccer 2020 on Google Play right now.