Coming Soon to Steam: Black Crystals

JRPG is a genre many indie developers are interested in. Naturally, many of them are making their titles with more or less success. Yet, in my experience of the previous years, Black Crystals takes that success to a whole new level, even though it is only at the technical demo phase.

This title is under development by Hind Saoud and it already presents an incredibly rich and detailed experience. Furthermore, the game features hand-drawn graphics that not only look good but are also exceedingly well-animated and adapted for a role-playing game. At the same time, the game has a serious topic: human trafficking. It places the player in the role of a boy trying to escape this very predicament.

Even in this phase, the game impresses with its diverse gameplay mechanics, followed by a really serious meta setup. The same setup includes a wide variety of skills and abilities, along with special circumstances that allow them to be used in different ways. Right off the bat, the game showcases how individual emotional states impact the player’s abilities.

The same complexity and full functionality is present in the game’s turn-based combat mode. It too is intricately developed and completely functional - this is a pleasant surprise from any tech demo, especially one of an indie game. Check out my Let’s Play of the demo:
Thanks to all of this, Black Crystals promises to be a really good - if not exceptional - indie RPG Steam title, especially thanks to a serious topic that needs more global attention. All fans of JRPG indie games should have this on their Steam Wishlist ASAP.