Awesome Gaming Video: The Mash Up No One Asked For! 420 SPECIAL!!

Sometimes, gaming content creators are all about seriously and methodically approaching a title and then sharing their experiences while playing. Other times, you have people like LolFlashlight. This console content creator and his group of friends are all about having a great time and goofing out on an almost insane level. In fact, a quote from his Twitter account describes him and their attitude in a great way:

Ever have a brain fart so hard, you shit yourself?
That’s my life 👍

The same balls-to-the-walls attitude it is easily seen in their videos as well. Here is a mashup which, as its title says, no one asked for. It combines Rainbow Six Siege and Dead Red Redemption 2, along with plenty of 420 type of humor. Check out the video below:
Clearly, this channel is not for everyone. However, if you are somebody who can appreciate some good console gaming created by a group of clearly great friends that is filled to the brim with all manner of jokes, LolFlashlightis is most likely the thing you have always been looking for. Follow this group on their Facebook fan page and naturally don't forget to subscribe LolFlashlight YouTube channel right now!