Android Gaming News Flash: Warface is open for Pre-Registration

Warface: Global Operations is the name of the mobile version of Warface, a well-known FPS game. Now it's coming to mobile platforms and will offer a range of multiplayer modes. All of them will be based on the different team vs. team setups.

At the same time game will allow, just like the original, an extensive ability to players to customize their characters. This will cover many different outfits and items, but naturally the weapons as well. Like any shooter, this will include SGMs, handguns, assault rifles, snipers and shotguns. to make things more interesting the customization will also include attachments and upgrades that are not cosmetic but actually have an impact in the game.

The title also promises that it will be easy to learn but hard to master the game. If you're a fan of FPS games, pre-register for Warface: Global Operations on its official Google Play page.