Zombie Blast Crew Review (Video)

Zombie Blast Crew on a first glance has a lot of things going for it. It's a zombie arcade shooter and it features some nice graphics. The game is a full 3D isometric title and the models are low-poly, but detailed and really well done.

The game mechanics as well seem decent and they cover a range of attacks (gun and grenade), but also setup of fixed auto-defense points from the get-go. Now, all of this is great, but once I started playing, this review of Zombie Blast Crew took a turn for the worse. Here's the video that showcases it:
Mainly, the game began to lag on the second level. This wasn't connected to the number of zombies, but more or less happened at some random intervals. While my phone is not cutting edge (Huawei P9 Lite) it is still not something that lags easily even with new apps. Finally, the game began to die on my and the end of the level simply froze the app and the phone. No bueno.


A potentially great game that is nowhere near optimized. Get Zombie Blast Crew on Google Play!