Twitch Stream Showcase: SophieFatalTV

If you come across the SophieFatalTV Twitch stream, there’s a single line in the channel’s chat rules panel. It simply states, at the very end, this:

Share the love, keep it positive.

For me, this clear idea perfectly describes SophieFatalTV as a content creator. She is exceedingly friendly and open, which vibes ideally with her pleasant voice and verbal presentation that’s on a level of an old-school radio personality. As for gaming, she is a huge DC Universe Online fan and even dedicated a huge panel on Twitch to the game itself. This is her main focus point in terms of content she and others around her makes.

However, unsurprisingly, she is also open to many other games as well. These include Dead by Daylight, Smite, LOL, Jackbox, and The Sims, but also AAA juggernauts like Assassin's Creed Syndicate and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (the last also shows that she uses a range of devices to make her content, including Nintendo Switch).

What I also like is the fact that her channel comes with a very precise streaming schedule. Usually, streaming takes place from around 8 AM to noon, followed by a new round of streams starting at 9 PM and going until 1 AM. Furthermore, she is not the only person doing content on the stream, which is also a great way to make sure that their follower base of over 1,000 keeps growing.

If you’d like to know more about this content creator and her gaming family, follow her on Twitter and naturally don’t forget to do the same for her SophieFatalTV Twitch stream as well!