Twitch Stream Showcase: DangerousTurtleTV

The DangerousTurtleTV Twitch stream has plenty of things going for it. It is run by a long-time gamer who grew up around classics series like Sonic, Duke Nukem and Metal Gear Solid. But, apart from his gaming background, he also has a creative streak - all of the video editing and graphic design on his channel is made by him. This is a strong combo and well over 500 followers he has on Twitch show that others react positively to it.

When it comes to his gaming focus, he’s mainly into strategies, indie titles and FPS games. Right now, he’s playing a lot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Escape from Tarkov. Also, he recently got into the cool The Outer Worlds that freshly came out. As for his streaming style, DangerousTurtleTV is all about keeping it chill and friendly - he even has a great, radio-host level quality of voice. This, along with his desire to connect with other gamers, promote indie titles and spread positivity means that it is easy to get behind his content creation brand. His Discord server is the ideal tool for this.

All of this showcases one amazing creator and creative person and we need more people like this in modern gaming. Follow him on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook Fan page. However, first of all, follow his DangerousTurtleTV Twitch channel ASAP!