Super Thief Boy Review (Video)

Super Thief Boy is a free platformer that uses good graphics and some polished gameplay mechanics. It sets the player in a cartoon-like world where the main protagonist has to overcome obstacles defeat enemies and stay alive at the same time. The setup is basic but like many other old-school platformers it offers a lot of fun for anyone who's into this genre. Take a look at my gameplay video below:
Firstly, the game is responsive and commands work as they supposed to. This might seem like no big deal but actually a lot of games, especially when they are created by small teams or individual developers, have this problem. Super Thief Boy is not one of them and instead, it works perfectly in its Nintendo-like arcade performer setup.

When you add to this are really nice visual style and a pleasant overall identity of both the in-game assets, enemies, and the main character itself, you have what has to be a winning first game for this Android dev studio. Because of that, there should be no doubt that the game has a lot to offer to all Android fans of action-adventure titles.


A simple and fun platformer with that old-school vibe. Download Super Thief Boy on Google Play.