Multi-Platform Stream Showcase: Undying_Breath

If you check out the Undying_Breath Mixer stream, you’ll probably first notice the biggest donation this content creator got so far: it’s $45.54. Now, this is impressive for several reasons, besides being a lot of money no matter where you live. For me, the bigger point here is the fact that Undying_Breath has the respect and support from his community to get this big amount as a thank you for making awesome content.

This is by no means an accident. As a content creator, he loves gaming, having fun and hanging out with friends. Basically, you don’t need much more to become a successful streamer and Undying_Breath is well on his way. Besides, he is also a husband and a father who is trying to be the best person he can be. Right now, you can see him playing titles like Borderlands 3 and Road To Guangdong, but his heart mainly lies with a single game. That title is Rocket League and here he and his friends really shine in making really engaging videos.

Lastly, Undying_Breath is a powerhouse of streaming and content creation when you look at his platform presence. Firstly, he has his own website that ties all of his accounts together. Besides, he streams on Mixer, Twitch and uploads video on his YouTube channel. On top of these, he also has a Twitter account and a Facebook Fan page.

If you like friendly gamers that you can watch basically anywhere you like, follow the Undying_Breath Mixer stream and then go to any other platform. Also, he has a super-cool competition and giveaway going on right now that you need to check out. All of this is well-worth your time.