Mixer Stream Showcase: EpicSamurai

If you're trying to make it on a new streaming platform, it's really smart to choose a cool name - EpicSamurai Mixer stream can scratch that one off! This content creator is dead-set on making it here, so he's streaming every night from 11:30 PM Eastern Time.

EpicSamurai is into a huge range of games, so you can currently see him explore The Other Worlds, Last of Us, Luigi's Mansion, and Dead by Daylight, among other things. However, you can also watch him cook some food (as in real food in real life) and try it out with his loved ones. No one can say you expect that from a gaming stream, but this content creator makes it work.

Lastly, the thing that binds all of this content together is the fact that EpicSamurai really enjoys reading and responding to chat. This further enforces the friendly and super-chill atmosphere he offers along with his content.

If you'd like to find out more about all of this, join his community at its Discord server called Club Samurai. However, before any of that, start following his EpicSamurai Mixer stream right now!