Hot on Android: Super Ballzoid - Endless Arcade

In mobile gaming, especially when it comes to endless titles, simplicity is what rules the day. Merge that simplicity and streamlined design with some solid game mechanics and you got yourself a killer game - this is precisely what Super Ballzoid - Endless Arcade provides to its players.

Created by DEntertainment, this title offers a simple setup, but also one that grants a super-catchy experience for a casual game. In essence, the players need only to bounce a ball they control using a single tap command. While this objective is exceedingly easy to grasp, it takes both time and patience to master. But, whenever you fail, you'll be driven to try again, which is a showcase of practically all excellent casual titles.

Furthermore, the game features a really cool synthy soundtrack that perfectly vibes with both the visual identity and the challenge the game provides. Often, small titles like this neglect their audio components, but DEntertainment didn't make that mistake.

Simple, clear and exceedingly engaging, Super Ballzoid - Endless Arcade is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a tough casual arcade challenge. Download the game for free on its Google Play page right now!