Hot on Android: Mario Kart Tour's Winter Tour

While the update of the Mario Kart Tour might not have the best name in the world (Tour's Winter Tour!), it does offer some new and exciting elements that every fan of this quickly-growing racing franchise will appreciate. These cover everything from new drivers to additional courses.

The new drivers are Mario in a Santa outfit and Black Shy Guy. There are also five brand new carts, three additional gliders and the DK Pas course that came straight from the Mario Kart DS. Furthermore, there are new challenges for those who get the Gold Pass. Those who do go for it and the premium update will get a Cloud 9 kart, Radish Rider and Dry Bowser.

If you're a Mario Kart Tour player you're already probably more than excited to try out all of these changes. Do that right here by using the game's official Google Play page!