Awesome Gaming Video: New Juggernaut Duplication Glitch Modern Warfare!!! (Hackney Yard) ***After Update***

KozDiddy is a relatively new YouTube content creator, but if there ever was a video of just two and a half minutes that could convince anyone to subscribe to him, this is it. While it bears a long name, the clip is very straightforward and super-clear. Here, KozDiddy explains how a glitch in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can allow you to get the Juggernaut Assault gear as many times as you like. Check out the process right here:
First, the really cool thing about the video is that it clearly and immediately gives a shout-out to the people who found the glitch as well as those who helped KozDiddy to make the video. This is a great example of camaraderie in gaming and boy, do we need more of it.

Secondly, even though it's a CoD video, the content presented by the creator is straightforward and precise. While it does feature some nice and offbeat jokes, there is no fake hype and over-excitement many CoD videos these days have. Lastly, the video is actually informative instead of being some rehashed thing you can find on zillion other channels.

If you're a CoD fan or player, this all should tell you loud and clear to follow this creator on his Twitter account and subscribe to the KozDiddy YouTube channel right now!