Awesome Gaming Video: How To Trash Talk In COD MW

Sometimes, to make an amazing gaming video, you need to be calm, composed and very deliberate, almost like a graceful ballet dancer. Then, other times, you need to be cyrixthagod and create one incredible 198 seconds of wonderful trash-talking in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

In this video, the same content creator takes on really frantic energy and releases it into the world with a force of a foul-mouth atomic bomb. Luckily, he's set up against much worse people than he is, including racist and white supremacists (supposedly). Watch in amazement as cyrixthagod goes to town with some of the most inventive trash-talking you'll see in this title:
For me personally, the best part is the summary of the trash talk essentials which include, naturally, connecting the ideas of BBC and your opponent's moms, as well as the great editing he uses and some decent voice impressions as well.

While cyrixthagod is just starting as a content creator, you can see he has a bright future in all games where being a bit terrible is often just what is needed. Follow him on his Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter. But, before you do any of that and especially before you do anything with your foreskin, subscribe to his YouTube channel!