Awesome Gaming Video: CryptoMeta Plays The Legend Of Zelda Link's Awakening - EP11: Pineapple Quest

When you see a YouTube channel called CryptoMeta, you could be tempted to think about things like cryptocurrencies or something similar. Yet, behind this name are two real ones: Skyler Dixson and Bryce DuBois, while their content is all about video games!

These two friends are veteran gamers with families and kids, but who are still driven to create content about the games they love. Add to this some comedy and, as they say, “wholesome relatability” and you get an amazing mixture. Check out this duo in action in Episode 11. where they play The Legend Of Zelda Link's Awakening and see the onslaught of jokes, voice impressions, and many similar things immediately take place:
As a fellow gamer with almost 30 years of gaming experience, I can only be impressed by the effort and the will needed to make CryptoMeta episodes. Usually, having a family means that free time to do things like this does not come easily - but, in spite of that, CryptoMeta is pushing on. At the same time, I also clearly see the passion and pure love for video games that drive Skyler and Bryce. If you want to support them in this, follow them on Twitch and YouTube, but also check out their Instagram and Facebook fan page. Lastly, if you can, pitch in a few bucks on their Patreon page as well - they more than deserve it!