Awesome Gaming Video: $25 Gaming CPU!

Often, gaming content creation might seem like a super-repetitive domain. This means that you rarely find truly original content, but when you do, it often comes in completely unexpected forms. Tek Powder YouTube channel and its author Colin are the perfect examples. This channel deals with a super-clear concept: building gaming rigs for modern AAA titles using old and affordable PC parts. If you’re a veteran gamer like me, you’ll immediately like this concept because of the enticing nature of the very premise. 

Could you really run new games on old and salvaged parts?
How old do they have to be?
Will you need to graft them on modern and expensive components?

Questions like these just keep piling up and make the same content even more interesting. Check out this video where Colin examines a $25 Gaming CPU, overclocks it and makes gaming magic with it:
Later on, Colin takes his creation and tests them out using a range of games. These clips include detailed stats of performances and other crucial data which will all hardware geeks more than appreciate.
With only a few videos, it is clear that this channel is just starting out. However, if you love gaming hardware and weird and wonderful experiments you will love what Colin have to offer. Follow him on Twitter and of course, subscribe to his Tek Powder YouTube channel.