Awesome Facebook Gaming Stream: BrokenRice

When you check out the BrokenRice Facebook gaming page, you'll immediately notice a couple of things. First, he is mainly into Apex Legends, although he also plays other FPS titles. In Apex Legends, you'll see that the same gamer and content creator is clearly a bona fide wizard with the Longbow DMR, as his first current spotlight video shows (but he’s into many different weapon combo experiments). Lastly, your final main impressions will likely be this: BrokenRice has some mad shooter skills.

Now, you won't be wrong about any of these - this streamer is currently #2 Wraith player in the US regions according to wins for Season 3. Having in mind the resurgence of Apex Legends in previous months, this is by no means a small achievement. Clearly, BrokenRice, who’s already a full-time streamer with personal sponsorship deals, is only starting his rise to fame.

Besides, he’s also one cool customer no matter if he’s doing great or losing out. Yet, he’s also someone who’s clearly willing to share not just his skills but his passion for gaming. This is why BrokenRice includes a growing community in more than one place. Apart from the Facebook page, there is also his Twitter account, the Rice Paddy group with almost 2k likes and a Discord server. The Discord, in particular, should be a point of interest for anyone into Apex Legends and shooters in general - with almost 250 members, it’s a great community to join other fans of this genre.

Fast, entertaining and obviously incredibly talented as an FPS player, BrokenRice is a Facebook gaming content creator you need to follow as soon as you can!