Android Gaming News Flash: Hearthstone: Battlegrounds enters Beta

The success and appeal of the auto chess genre is something that has clearly defined 2019 when it comes to both PC and mobile gaming. This mixture of established strategy and MOBA genres exploded in popularity in just a couple of months and now, Blizzard is showing it cannot keep away from that sweet money honey pot.

In this case, the auto chess will appear as a mode inside of the company's CCG Hearthstone. It recently entered beta and the full release will see some improvements.

Right now the game looks like this: players select a hero from the established universe, then recruit individual minions and expedite them to battle against eight other human opponents. After that, the predefined strategy enters the fray and the players cannot impact the otherwise regular Hearthstone one-on-one match.

Hearthstone: Battlegrounds is still being polished, but it could be a smashing success for the stagnating card game. If you want to check it out, download the update on the official Google Play page right now.