Twitch Stream Showcase: TheOrXPlays

As far as I can tell, the best way to describe the gamer behind the TheOrXPlays Twitch stream is to say that he’s one cool customer. I realized this as I watched some of his first streams of Apex Legends where he is still learning the ropes of this game - which can be notoriously hard. Yet, this veteran FPS gamer from Estonia keeps being calm and composed throughout his early plays.

The same applies to his overall channel and approach to streaming. As someone who began playing first-person shooters in 1999 (that’s 20 years ago, to give it some perspective) TheOrXPlays started with games like Doom I and Doom II, Wolfenstein 3D, and Soldier of Fortune 2, all classics in their own right. After that, he’s so far racked 1,200 hours of PUBG and over 4,000 in CS:GO. This shows that the man clearly knows his FPS stuff. Right now, you can see him play PUBG and Apex Legends, which are completely in his sphere of interests, but also a bit of Minecraft to mix things up.

If you love FPS titles, you have to follow this gamer and content creator on his Facebook fan page and Twitter account. But, first of all, don’t forget to follow his TheOrXPlays Twitch channel.