Twitch Stream Showcase: TainTSPANKz

Gaming might be seen like careless activity, but when it comes to content creators like the one behind the TainTSPANKz Twitch stream, it is clear that covering up your bases means the world of difference. This gamer is very serious about having an all-around online presence, which is why you can find him on a range of platforms. These include Twitter, YouTube, his website and you can even reach him directly through email. This is a great way to approach the road of becoming a full-time streamer and TainTSPANKz is clearly on his way (he’s currently already a Twitch Affiliate).

In terms of his games of choice, they include mainly Apex Legends, the Call of Duty series, Rocket League, and Fortnite. He streams nightly, so you can see over 100 streams and clips on his channel. While his approach to the business and organization of content creation is really tight, his streaming style is loose and really laid back. He constantly jokes and clearly has a lot of fun while playing. The same is even more clear when he goofs around with his friends. In fact, you can easily get into any of his streams, especially if you’re into high-power, all-action gaming streams.

If all of this sounds like something that you’d enjoy, follow TainTSPANKz Twitch channel right now and see this content creator become even more popular on Twitch.