Twitch Stream Showcase: Ronin_Luchador

Attaining Twitch success has a lot to do with the presentation a streamer takes on. Many today will completely disregard this factor, but in the case of Ronin_Luchador Twitch stream, this concept is front and center. That is why this gamer and content creator wears a Mexican-style wrestling mask. Not only that, but he also shaped all of his visual identity around the same idea and even uses wrestling terminology like #elbowdrops to further brand his content. This cohesive approach is commendable and it can be seen across his social media, including Twitter and Instagram, but also his YouTube gaming channel.

The effort is paying back. With over 200 followers, his branding and unique content creation style, which is very laid back and relaxed, clearly resonate with gamers. Undoubtedly, his tag teammate called Titan the Gato helps with that immensely. Ronin Luchadoris mainly into titles, including Destiny 2, Tekken 7, Call of Duty series, Smash Bros and Street Fighter, offering an interesting mix of FPS and fighting games. However, he is also open to other games and other genres, especially when suggestions for these come from his community. Not only is he open to gaming suggestions, but also happy to play with his fans and followers, which is always beyond cool.

If you like gaming content creators who push the envelope with their branding and offer great videos and streams, start following Ronin_Luchador Twitch channel right now!