Twitch Stream Showcase: Nisden

Check out the Nisden Twitch stream and you’ll quickly figure out that the 22-year-old gamer behind it (called Den or Nis, which is also cool) has an interesting combo behind his content creation style. He somehow manages to be both laid-back and funny, while also really focused on the game he’s playing. Also, he plays incredible competitive titles, but continues to be in the positive zone no matter what is happening. That is great to watch and good to see streamers saying no to any kind of gaming toxicity.

His stream is mainly about FPS titles, even though he plays MMORPGs and some strategy games. Right now, you can see loads of Fortnite clips and streams, followed by some CS:GO and Apex Legends content as well. Besides that, Den is really friendly and very much into community building, as you can see from his Discord server and the fact that he also has plenty of Let's Chat streams.

If this sounds like something you could enjoy, follow Dan on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, but first of all, follow his Nisden Twitch stream!