Twitch Stream Showcase: KSSeany

If you check out KSSeany Twitch stream, you'll quickly figure out one key thing about this stream and its owner: both are beyond chill. This shows itself in those moments when the same content creator is not gaming, but setting up his stream and casually chatting with his friends. For many other content creators, this would be a complete blank, but KSSeany manages to make the same time a completely watchable experience. He simply keeps talking with his friend and this shows how relaxed and comfortable he is with the whole streaming process.

This is the key element for any future successful gaming content creator. Otherwise, no game can be fun anymore for anyone in this tense state of mind and then other streamers often fail to connect. KSSeany provides an opposite experience and something other gamers and Twitch viewers can easily get behind. When it comes to gaming, he's mainly into shooters, primarily Call of Duty series and Fortnite. Besides this, KSSeany also likes to play NBA2K. Right now, the stream is primarily focused on Fortnite streams and clips.

Through this, the stream is also home to a gaming community - checking out the chat window on any video shows the same. This friendly atmosphere is further helped with the music that is frequently featured on the stream, with KSSeany spontaneously singing along to a tune or two (even when the same song is, for example, Sign of the Times by Harry Styles).

Clearly, KSSeany is only getting set up - his Twitch homepage is missing panels and I'm sure other cosmetic things are incoming. However, he's still a really entertaining gaming content creator. If you like to play and watch Fortnite and you enjoy watching laid-back and chill people do a bit of gaming, you have to start following KSSeany Twitch channel as soon as you can.