Twitch Stream Showcase: gothamrox

The gothamrox Twitch stream shows a side of gaming content creation that is rarely explored. In a world that is seemingly all about views, clicks and other metrics, the streamer behind the gothamrox stream used the channel and the community around it to overcome some hard times. At the same time, his mission as a content creator was always to explore his inner kid. The community, including his Discord server, reacted positively to all of that - now, even though he made his stream in May 2019, it has grown to almost 1,100 followers. Clearly, he got a lot from the community but also gave back plenty (and continues to do so).

Right now, he’s mainly into  Fortnite, Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, Call of Duty Mobile, and PUBG mobile. However, as a lifelong gamer, he played on every big system from Nintendo NES to PS4 and PC. His style of content creation is very relaxed, positive and incredibly friendly (he greets every follower in real-time), which is further helped with his doggo called April (who even has a space in his streaming UI overlay).

All in all, checking out gothamrox is all about entering a welcoming and open gaming community. If this sounds like something that you can get behind, check out his Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts to get more of a feel for him and April. Once you do that, head onto gothamrox Twitch channel and start following it as well!