Twitch Stream Showcase: Get_This_Bag

Saying that a gaming content channel is not PG13 might sometimes be just a gimmick to get more attention. In the case of Chase and his Get_This_Bag Twitch stream, no one is saying that, but they should. In other words, this channel might not be for everyone, but for those who can dig what Chase is all about, this will be pure gold. After all, he is a person who says screaming during an Apex Legends match (and I’m quoting here directly):

“Pick me up, I’m the most important person in the fucking world!”

Whenever someone says something like that, you can probably figure out this is not going to be just another vanilla Twitch stream with puppies and smiley faces. Yet, with well over 1,200 followers, he clearly has a lot to offer. His game genre of choice are FPS, more precisely Apex Legends, PUBG and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Now, as someone who played a lot of two of those, I can tell you that they are an ideal choice for Chase. In fact, they are rage fuel turned (digital) flesh and Chase is a rage machine. In other words, it’s a match made in heaven (a type of heaven full of screaming, that is).

Of course, Chase is also serious about growing his community, so his immediate goal right now is 1500 followers and 25 subscribes, which he’ll easily hit (even though his original deadline will be moved a bit, likely causing, well, rage). Furthermore, he is present on a range of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Mixer, all filled with that rage-tasting flavor of Get_This_Bag. He also runs his streamer website which is an ideal option for anyone who wants to check out what he is all about.

If you like your gaming content creators very animated - by which I mean angry as hell and equally entertaining, you have to check out Get_This_Bag Twitch channel and follow it at the very least!