Twitch Stream Showcase: BUGINRL

The world of gaming around the BUGINRL Twitch stream boils down to a single game: League of Legends. This gamer and content creator has a long history in the same MOBA title (as his bio section shows, a history that has also been turbulent). However, no one should doubt this gamer's skill. As a former  Kha'Zix main and now a coach, the same gamer knows a thing or two about LoL and competes in high ranks. Also, the fact that he got the Diamond rank for two seasons in a row (Season 5 and Season 6) also shows plenty.

Now, BUGINRL begins sharing the same gaming experience on Twitch. Here, the high-quality content both in terms of gaming action and really cool music that follows it. Also, there is a growing community of LoL players and fans forming around the stream, as BUGINRL Discord server shows.

If you’re into LoL, you can follow this content creator as its official Twitter account and most importantly, begin following the BUGINRL Twitch channel to up your League of Legends skills!