Twitch Stream Showcase: buddylicious_21

One thing that immediately jumps out for me when I check out buddylicious_21 Twitch stream is the fact that its content creator has so many things going on in his life! This gamer is called Buddy and first of all, he’s a father of two and one look at his Instagram account shows that he’s all about his family. Secondly, he has a full-time business in the hospitality industry called Food Dude’s Kitchen. For most, these two would be a plateful for sure, but Buddy found a way to add his passion for gaming into the mix.

That’s why he’s running a Twitch stream that is already really popular - he already has almost 3,500 followers. Recently, he moved from PS4 to PC as his main platform. His gaming focus is based around two things: horror games in general and the Call of Duty series, especially the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. When you think about it, these two things have nothing in common, but the audience is clearly similar for both. That’s one of the reasons why this stream has so much traction with a lot of gamers. Yet, the much more important element to his success is his style of streaming. Buddy is direct and to-the-point, but also comes off as a very friendly and completely open character (even though he sees himself as both a bit weird and wacky).

Also, once the action starts, especially in a CoD match, you can see his competitive side as well. Add to this his laid-back North Carolina accent and you got yourself a gaming combo that makes him instantly likable as a content creator.
Having in mind the life he otherwise leads, his accomplishments in gaming content creation are truly impressive. If all of this sounds like something you’d like to explore for yourself, start following Buddy at his Twitter and Facebook Fan page. Before any of that, however, start to follow his buddylicious_21 Twitch channel as soon as you can!