Odd and Mysterious: Mini Life: Social Avatar World

Following the development of this game is kind of hard to follow, but Mini Life: Social Avatar World is a title developed by KRAFTON. This is the name of a game union that includes PUBG Corporation, Bluehole, Pnix, Delusion, En Massa, Squall and Redsahara under its banner. Among themselves, these development studios created dozens of immensely popular games, mainly for the Asian markets.

Now, as an ensemble team, they created their first title, which is a social multiplayer experience called Mini Life. It represents a mixture of MMO and social networking game genres, basing itself on building players' avatars and their properties (gardens in this case). Besides this, the title will provide a range of networking options including in-game chat and much more.

Now, it's clear that this is designed to be hugely versatile with over 20 billion potential means of customization and a screaming level of casual graphics. What's weird is the fact that this is the flagship project of KRAFTON and that so far, the audience response has been abysmally bad. 

So, while the game has some elements of The Sims and even Animal Crossing, it is still off to a really bad start. The cool thing is to see the KRAFTON support team answering all of the players' questions and developing solutions to noted issues. If you want to check out the game for yourself, head to its Google Play page and be among the first to try out Mini Life: Social Avatar World.