Hot on Android: Slaughter 3: The Rebels

Combining words like "prison" and "slaughterhouse" is always a good idea if you're into action games and Ray Sparks developers agreer. The latest game in their so-called Slaughter trilogy takes place in a prison and there a lot of slaughtering to do there.

Slaughter 3: The Rebels is a kind of an action/adventure mix where you as a player need to save your partner from the worst incarceration hellhole in the world. To help you with that, this 3D third-person shooter will get you many weapons and a supplement of skills. Besides the story mode, there is also an Arena mode to help with the need to do some senseless competitive killing as well.

The game is clearly putting most of its eggs in the graphics basket, being that it looks really good for a mobile title. Also, it's a premium game so the current 4.4 score after 100 review does not look bad at all. If you think that Slaughter 3: The Rebels might be a good choice for you, check it out on Google Play!